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Courir à Grands Pas

  Une course avec le temps à travers les lieux, c’est ainsi que je m’éloigne du passé. Des champs, des territoires, et des… more »

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حب على الحاجز العسكري

حادث فردي، توتر في المكان، اشتباكات عنيفة، أسلحة ثقيلة وخفيفة. انقسام في المنطقة، مسلحون يظهرون، والأهالي منقسمون، وخط تماس جديد يفصل تلك المنطقة… more »

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Put The Gender in The Box

Directed and Written by abdo al raQissa Assistant Director and Set Design Qidette


To My 14-Year-Old Self: 14 Things to Make You Get Better

Dear 14-year-old me, I am the ‘ten years from now’ of whom you refused to conceive for an assignment for your favorite class.… more »


Signposts from Al Qaws: A Decade of Building a Queer Palestinian Discourse

Haneen Maikey Based on Haneen Maikey’s speech at the conference organized by Aswat – May 2012, and patiently translated to English by Claudine… more »

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Gyms and Battling Firstly, fans will need to turn out to be incredibly acquainted with gyms and battling. If 1 is new to… more »


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