Artwork: On Being a Lesbian Muslim

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Artist’s Comment: “It describes the feeling of being both a Muslim & a lesbian torn apart by both sides.”

Contributed by Asma

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9 Responses to “Artwork: On Being a Lesbian Muslim”

  1. Shams

    Dec 19. 2010

    i love it, is there any books about lesbians in lebanon?? pls let me know..

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  2. rhea

    Apr 16. 2010

    i loved the contrast between the two sides. it is a really good picture

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  3. SH

    Apr 14. 2010

    Yes I agree with the editor.
    What attention to detail!

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  4. editor

    Apr 14. 2010

    what i love most about this piece is the parallel lines.. one going down listing all the difficulties & pressures.. and another going up and listing the reasons we fight

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  5. crimson

    Apr 14. 2010

    i would agree more, if the picture said, this is who i am but i am NOT afraid,
    Fuck anything who makes you scared to be who you are,
    I agree it is dangerous, you don’t have to be out offcourse
    or take any action, but just between you and yourself, be proud of who you are :)
    because lately, when you are rejected from this who system, it’s the only way you realize
    you are on the right track of taking your rights as a human.

    eh w i love the art work, you chose the right fonts for it.
    kholsit my jaride comment 😀

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  6. Mireille

    Apr 14. 2010

    wow, love it :)
    one of the best arab women themes i’ve seen in a long time

    I love the details in it, the small blood like stains, the earing, the stamp, the lines on face, typography on it ….. but wish there was another pure version of image alone

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  7. emy

    Apr 13. 2010

    Excelent !
    Girls, we are with you. sending you love

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  8. Amar

    Apr 13. 2010

    i have to agree, this is very very good :)

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  9. Nag

    Apr 13. 2010

    I love the image. Very Good

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