Top 10 Gay Stencils in Beirut – Vote!

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We’ve compiled a selection of the coolest gay-themed stencils on the streets of Beirut. Which ones had the most impact and why? Vote for your favorite Top 3 and tell us why you like them in the comment box and we’ll tally the votes in the next issue.

1. "I love him" – stenciled in Hamra

2. "Arab Lesbian Liberation Front" - stenciled in Hamra

3. "Lebsian" – stenciled on Bliss Street and Abdel Azziz Street in Hamra

4. "Homophobia is a Social Disease" – stenciled in Hamra, near Jean-D'arc Street

5. "We're Gay" (might be an ambush writing over the pre-existing stencil of 3 people holding hands) - in Hamra and Gemmeyzeh

6. Feminist Fist – Stenciled in Hamra, next to "Arab Lesbian Liberation Front"

7. "Shou fiya?" (translates into "So What?") – a stencil of two men kissing in Hamra

8. "Power of the Underground" - stenciled in Gemmayze

9. "Fist Me" - Stenciled in Gemmayze and Hamra

10. "Bareback" - AUB Medical Gate & Hamra

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Lynn is actively involved in Meem, a community of queer women and trans folk. She's also into pixels, among other things.

22 Responses to “Top 10 Gay Stencils in Beirut – Vote!”

  1. ForV

    Dec 06. 2010

    1) Lebsian–Who knew so much can be said in one word?
    2) B7ebbo–Struck a chord, maybe it’s the simplicity.
    3) Bareback– I found that utterly hilarious.

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  2. madi

    May 21. 2010

    i liked the 3rd one i wrote the same in some place’s wall :)

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  3. gayinbeirut

    Feb 08. 2010

    Great post, you guys rock! Street art seems to be the talk of the town lately! We at Gayinbeirut (blogspot) recently posted a similar story about gay themed graffiti and stencils, check it out!!

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  4. Guebara

    Jan 29. 2010

    The lebisan one is creative
    and the shu fy is well done
    do i have to choose only one :P ?

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  5. RaGNo JASKE

    Jan 18. 2010

    number 1 bala mounezi3 “b7ebbo”
    jeddan mou3abbir w wadi7 wel message biyousal direct

    number 2 “chou fiya”
    i have already seen this photo in fb and i really loved it
    bi kell basata betmassil l wade3 yalle wselnelo inno “khalas ba2a i (as a guy) want to kiss my bf w chou fiya?”

    number 3 “Homophobia is a Social Disease”
    the message is strong w even if i couldn’t really view the stencil coz the photo is not clear hopefully their is the comment ;)

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  6. pervy

    Jan 13. 2010

    4. “Homophobia is a Social Disease”

    8. “Power of the Underground”

    6. Feminist Fist

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  7. nadia

    Jan 13. 2010

    I vote number 2 :)

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  8. Raynbow

    Jan 12. 2010

    1. Shou Fiya – plain and simple but strong
    2. Bhibbou – it simply says that being gay is not about the sex
    3. Homophobia is a social disease – strong message

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  9. TQ

    Jan 12. 2010

    number 2 cause it’s hardcore and graphic and imaginative and really embodies all that is behind z movement!

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  10. Phoenix

    Jan 12. 2010

    1- Arab Lesbo Front. cs its powerful and out there and tells ppl were coming to get them lol
    2- Bhebbo. simple and str8 to the point and nt as provocative as shu fia?
    3 – Bareback. powerful message. perfect for awareness

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  11. s

    Jan 12. 2010

    i vote

    1. number 2-
    2. number 6-
    3.number 4-


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  12. 3ola

    Jan 12. 2010

    #2 Arab Lesbian Liberation Front !!!

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  13. peepingtom

    Jan 12. 2010

    definitely Fist Me! too funny :)

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  14. Jessica

    Jan 12. 2010

    اوه اعتقد اني احب الاراب ليزبيان ليبرايشن فرونت

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  15. Salowa

    Jan 12. 2010

    I vote Arab Lesbian Liberation Front ! duh !

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  16. Samira

    Jan 12. 2010

    Akid Akid Arab Lesbian Liberation front, AKID. yalla mn2ol mabrook :)

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  17. Crimson

    Jan 12. 2010

    I VOTE FIST ME wohooooooooo to that ;)

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  18. Bassam -- ma ghayro

    Jan 12. 2010

    I like :

    # 10- Powerful (and artsy) health message

    # 7- sho fiya? I like it because it’s in Arabic–eventhough it’s in the United Streets of Beirut (USB).
    Note: Stencil # 1 is in Arabic too but it could be seen as a str8 message. That’s why I didn’t pick it.


    # 4- Crtiticizes homophobia (albeit in English). OK, AUB and LAU students can read English, but what about Imm Ahmad w Abo Jooozeif the cab driver?

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  19. ilove

    Jan 12. 2010

    amazing collage, :)
    i prefer #1

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  20. Anthony R

    Jan 11. 2010

    dude theyre all amazing

    but i’ll have to choose

    Nbr 2: ‘Arab Lesbian Liberation Front’ very powerful

    Nbr 8: ‘Power of the Underground’ Powerful and true

    Nbr 7: ‘Shou Fiya’ Love the art

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  21. Rita

    Jan 11. 2010

    I love the “shou fiya?” and the “b7ebo” ones!

    I love passing by these everyday! And explaining what they mean to the people around me, hehe ;)

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